Strategies of Olymp Trade

Every person, when deciding to do trading, wants to get the highest profit from it, so he is looking for instruments to improve his efficiency. And that is where binary indicators, which help analyze the market and even predict the direction of the rate curve, come in handy. Let's analyze 2 basic strategies, which are used by traders in 2023 to improve their performances in trading on Olymp Trade.

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Bollinger Bands - Trading Strategy

A combination of 2 lines and a chart with moving averages. There are a number of conditions here, for example, to buy it looks like this:

  • Price is below the bottom of the Bollinger Bands.
  • In the Stochastic %K below %D.

To sell:

  • Price above the upper boundary of the Bollinger Bands.
  • In Stochastic %K from above %D.

In both cases, you should wait for the candle to appear, after which you place a stop loss or take profit.

Stochastic RSI MA

Using 3 signals at once provides high efficiency in options trading.

To buy:

  • EMA is fast on the bottom of the slow.
  • The 2 Stochastic lines are going up, but not yet overbought.
  • RSI is greater than 50.

To sell:

  • EMA fast on top of slow.
  • The 2 Stochastic lines are going down, but not yet oversold.
  • RSI is below 50.

Stop loss or take profit are placed individually. It is better to be guided by the rule that the expected profit should be 2 times the value of the stop.