Olymp Trade Free Indicators

The success of trading directly depends on the trader's ability to use various signals. This binary options review will touch upon 3 basic indicators that have shown the greatest efficiency in the year 2022. If you use them competently, Olymp Trade will not be some kind of additional income, but an opportunity to provide yourself with everything you need while working from home.

Instructions for using Olymp Trade indicators

Finding the deal's starting points is an important aspect of the job at Olymp Trade. You decide how to apply this knowledge. Many traders frequently use the phrase "trade the trend." This indicates that you must follow trends rather than avoid them. You should start a long position if users dominate the market. Sellers should employ short positions in this scenario to maintain control of the situation.

How to connect indicator to Olymp Trade

You must first visit Olymp Trade, following which you must select the asset you wish to trade as well as the style of the chart. After everything is configured, you must select the graphical tools option and pick "Setup."

This indication is located on the Olymp Trade interface's left side. Red is at the top and green is at the bottom. The display in percentages can also be seen in the upper portion.

Stochastic indicator

The indicator's purpose is to assess the price's momentum, this will help you in options trading A percentage number between 0 and 100 is how the stochastic mathematically represents the link between the closing price and the high-low range for a certain period. If the stochastic oscillator has a value of 80 or higher, it signifies that the closing price is close to the range's upper boundary; if it has a value of 20 or lower, it suggests that the closing price is close to the range's lower boundary. As a result, the market is bullish if it tends to close in the upper half of the daily range, and bearish if it closes in the lower porti.

The stochastic oscillator should be utilized in conjunction with other indications during the sideways phase, just like any other oscillator. Some stochastic signs, nevertheless, have excelled in a market that is moving.

Unquestionably, the stochastic oscillator is one of the most often used indicators, however, like all other indications, it needs to be used properly.

A popular indicator which allows efficiently determining the moment of entering, getting the biggest binary options profit on Olymp Trade. Its principle of work consists in determination of how strongly the price changes, which makes it possible to predict quotations.

It shows the range 0-100, where:

  • Overbought - 80 and above.
  • Oversold - 20 and lower.

It is often used in combination with other signals to create a unique and productive strategy at Olymp Trade. In the case of binary options, it is better to use short-term operations, highly volatile assets, and only at the moments of an uptrend or downtrend.

Keltner Channel Indicator

The initial approach to using Keltner channels was very straightforward: if the price breaks through the channel and moves beyond it in an upward direction, this is a signal to open long positions as a bullish trend is about to start; however, if the breakout occurred in a downward direction, the bears are in full force and will create a sell order. The price breaking through the channel boundaries signified a confident breakout, which denotes the most probable beginning of a new trend in the corresponding direction. The channel borders also coincided with significant resistance/support levels.

Professional traders have created a method called Keltner Channels for intraday trading that relies mostly on the Keltner indicator (but not only on it). The technique is appropriate for all currency pairs and periods up to H1. You also need an ADX with a period of 14 and a level of 30 to validate the trading signal

The indicator is convenient because it graphically shows the moments of abnormal rise or fall of quotes. It is often used in the online job on binary options, because it has shown to be the most effective.

There are 3 values in the Keltner Channel:

  • The middle line is the 20-period exponential moving average, which is the average value between the top and bottom.
  • The upper line - 20 EMA + (2 *ATR).
  • The bottom line - 20 EMA - + (2 *ATR).

Exit outside of limits is a signal to buy or sell.

Keltner Channel trading strategy Stochastic trading strategy Alligator trading strategy Bollinger Bands trading strategy

Bollinger Bands Indicator

Traders may determine present and predicted market volatility, determine if a market is oversold or overbought, and execute the right trades by utilizing Bollinger Bands. This is a useful binary options indicator. For each of the 5000 cryptocurrency pairings offered on the app's more than 30 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Using Bollinger Bands allows you to get a variety of results. On daily candles, the indicator's settings are commonly based. When using Bollinger Bands, a longer SMA will provide fewer signals, but those trading signals will be more trustworthy. On the other side, a shorter SMA will offer more trade signals, but they will be less reliable (better quality).

Due to the Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel indicators' similarities, to obtain new binary options strategy, some traders frequently combine them to do a more thorough market analysis and provide stronger signals.

Very similar to the previous version, only with minor differences. The indicator clearly shows the moments of expansion or contraction of quotes bands, i.e. - the best moments to buy and sell. It is also possible to do it yourself, but why waste time on it, when there are automatic trading programs.

The Bollinger bands also has three lines:

  • Average - SMA or simple moving average.
  • The upper limit - 20 SMA + (2 * standard deviation).
  • The lower limit - 20 SMA - (2 * standard deviation).

At the moments when the quotes chart goes beyond the boundaries of the indicator, it is worth to make a deal.

Using indicators in binary options!