Strategies of Olymp Trade

Every person, when deciding to do trading, wants to get the highest profit from it, so he is looking for instruments to improve his efficiency. And that is where binary indicators, which help analyze the market and even predict the direction of the rate curve, come in handy. Let's analyze 2 basic strategies, which are used by traders in 2023 to improve their performances in trading on Olymp Trade.

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Alligator Indicator - Trading Strategy

Alligator is very popular among binary options traders nowadays. It uses an indicator based on 3 sliding bars which makes it able to predict possible ups and downs of the quotes quite well. Let's take a look at the simplest binary options strategy based on this indicator.

It consists of 3 lines with different timeframes and drift ratios:

  • Jaw - period 13, coefficient 8. It shows a stable tendency of price movement.
  • Teeth - the period 8, the coefficient 5. An additional guideline showing the probability of change in the quotations and their direction.
  • Lips - period 5, coefficient 3. One more landmark.

There are more separate concepts:

  • Alligator's Dream, in which all 3 slides converge close to each other.
  • Alligator wakes up when all 3 slides diverge from each other.

When lines are moving below the price level - a downtrend.

When the lines are moving above the price level - an uptrend.

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Working with the Alligator strategy

After correct setting of periods and ratios, you should follow the following rules on binary options:

  • Lips cross the jaws from bottom to top - a profit will come on an up trade.
  • The lips cross the jaw from top to bottom - the profit will bring a deal on the decline.

In both cases it is necessary to wait for the closure of a pair of candlesticks, while maintaining the negative dynamics.