Strategies of Olymp Trade

Every person, when deciding to do trading, wants to get the highest profit from it, so he is looking for instruments to improve his efficiency. And that is where binary indicators, which help analyze the market and even predict the direction of the rate curve, come in handy. Let's analyze 2 basic strategies, which are used by traders in 2023 to improve their performances in trading on Olymp Trade.

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Stochastic Oscillator - Trading Strategy

This indicator is even easier to understand as it automatically shows the best times to open and close a trade. It uses only 2 lines:

  • %K - fast. (Close price now - local minimum for the period) / (local maximum for the period - local minimum for the period) * 100.
  • %D - slow. SMA moving average for the period.

Looking at the moment of crossing of these lines you can make a decision:

  • %K from the bottom %D - an uptrend, buy.
  • %K from above %D - down trend, buy.

The Stochastic indicator is used in combination with others, as it minimizes the probability of false readings. Let's look at 3 interesting variants of how to win at binary options using strategies.

Two Stochastic Oscillators

As the name implies, it requires the use of 2 trading signals, differing in the chosen time period, which allows you to reduce the number of false signals. Here you should wait for a steady trend and watch out for the %K and %D to start crossing. Then a second Stochastic should also show a crossover, and that will serve as the right moment to open or close a trade.